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        You Remind Me Of West Virginia

We Are Proud To Announce That Starting January 1st 2015 “You Remind Me Of West Virginia” Was Named The Official Song For The West Virginia Division Of Tourism. Go To To Enter The “You Remind Me Of West Virginia” Photo Contest


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Wyatt Turner  @thewyattturner
Sure enjoyed watching an artist from the golden days, which I never thought I'd have the chance... Mr… 
Wyatt Turner  @thewyattturner
RT @TheWolfofWaIlSt: Work hard now so your future self can thank you. 
Wyatt Turner  @thewyattturner
@Krys_Marie11 aww time sure does slip away! I'm doing very well, and I hope you are as well ☺️ 
Wyatt Turner  @thewyattturner
There is a time for us to wander When time is young and so are we The woods are greener over yonder The path is new, the world is free